We offer the following services for your moving needs

  • Small or large moves
  • Local moves
  • Long distance moves
  • Local business moves
  • Long distance business moves
  • Packing services (full or partial)
  • Unpacking services (full or partial)

2 MEN…….$95.00
3 MEN..…$130.00
4 MEN…..$180.00

*Includes professional blanket and shrink wrap FURNITURE!

**Fuel fee of $55 (within 20 miles)

We sell moving boxes:
Small boxes – best if used for books, records, kitchen (smaller, heavier items)
Medium boxes – approximately 18x18x16
Large boxes – approximately 24x18x18  best if used for lighter items like pillows, blankets or comforters. Take care not to overpack.  This size box as it will become very difficult to move

Helpful hints

***When packing your boxes, try not to mix rooms together. This will be helpful when labeling your boxes so they can be placed where they will be unpacked
***Label your boxes with a black permanent marker. For fragile items use a red permanent marker, marking each box fragile or glass.  (whatever is appropriate for that particular box)
***Sometimes choosing a color for each room can be very helpful
***Do not use duct tape to seal your boxes, it does not stick well to most boxes and it will cause your boxes to come apart.
***Use clear packing tape when sealing your boxes.

At Florida Sunshine Movers we have everything you need to make your move a snap, and all at no extra charge to you.

  -Appliance dollies
-Hand trucks and four dollies
-Moving blankets
-Moving straps and tie downs
-Packing tape
-Stretch wrap