Q: How can I get an estimate?

A: Know how many boxes you have, or that you will have approximately.

Try to give the size of the rooms that you are moving. Our professionals will take it from there.

Our professionals may have a few questions for you. With a general idea of what is involved , we can take it from there. Don’t forget to include how many bedrooms and garages you have as well.

Remember we are here to make this as smooth and painless as possible for you. The more accurate you are the better we can assist you in your new transition.

If you have a change in your scheduled move as far as what items we will be moving, simply call us.

It is our goal to give you the best and most affordable move as possible. Remember, we work for you!

Q: Do you have any moving tips?

A:Here are a few helpful tips to make your move a little smoother.

– Pack a box of things that you will need right away after your move and keep this box with you so it does not become lost or mixed in with all of your other boxes.

In this box you should include the following: passports, jewelry, medications, valuables and important papers for yourself and your children. You will need the necessary medical records and transcripts for your children to start at a new school.

– Have a separate box for all of your keepsakes and for your children’s keepsakes.

– By using boxes designed for specific items: china, dishes or fragile items you can avoid damage that would otherwise occur with improperly packed or unlabeled items.

– Be sure to notify the following of your impending move and or arrival at your new location to avoid delays and surprises.

  • Electric Company
  • Security Company
  • Water Company
  • Cable Company
  • Phone Company
  • Pest control
  • Post Office
  • Primary Care doctor and Children’s Physician
  • Pharmacy
  • Lawn Care and Pool Service

– Although moving can be very stressful when children are involved, try this simple tip:
Plan ahead with a special dinner out or an event that focuses on the entire family. This way, everyone will feel like you have completed your journey as a family unit by replacing the stress with something memorable. You have created a positive memory for you and your entire family.

The following items are strictly prohibited from any of our moving services:

  • We will not transport any drugs of any kind/li>
  • No pets or animals
  • No hazardous materials or waste products
  • No illegal firearms or explosive products of any kind
  • No fertilizer bags or containers with like products

We comply with all of the federal regulations that are required for transportation of commercial or residential moves.